Lexi Grants

The Lexi Grant was set up in honor of my dog, Lexi, who’s been there for me through so much.  There were days that without her, I don’t know how I would have found the strength and motivation to keep fighting.  And to me, she’s so much more than just a dog or just a pet, SHE IS FAMILY!  

The kind of connection I have with her fills me with love, happiness, and hope!  We started the Lexi Grant to help others find these special connections to provide them with the same sense of love, happiness, and hope that Lexi gives me, to be there with them through tough times and to not feel so alone, especially living by yourself!  

The Lexi Grant connects individuals with service animals, emotional support animals, and loving additions to their family as well as finding homes for retired service and shelter animals!

More information COMING SOON!