Care Combines

The Care Combine is a co-op fundraising campaign combining exercise with mental health awareness.  

We understand that people are stressed, and so are funds.  The Care Combine provides a fun and unique solution for athletic programs to fundraise, especially during a time when funds and fundraising opportunities are limited. Funds raised will be allocated to both their program and LFG to provide mental health support to all!

Need funding for COVID TESTS?  We have the fundraising solution!

One issue programs face regarding funding is the ability to obtain enough Covid tests to provide adequate testing for every athlete for the entirety of the season.  Our Care Combine could be the perfect solution to this issue (while also providing awareness around the importance of mental health)!  

Now, more than ever our world is seeing mental health concerns arise for young people at an alarming rate. This event will provide mental health benefits to all athletes involved, cultivating an increased sense of purpose, connection, competition, and physical activity. 

This is a great fundraising opportunity for any sports teams and/or athletic programs across all levels including: club, high school, college, and professional!  

Contact us to get started on fundraising for your team and impacting mental health for all!

COMING SOON: Corporate Care Combines!  Stay tuned...