About Us

My name is Nick Stoop, President/Founder of LFG Let’s Feel Good and Owner/Founder of Custom Wellness Solutions providing athletes with nutrition and performance education, programs, tools, and resources.  I am also the creator of the LFG Beast Bands and Beast Bus Mobile Gym, which I use for my Lacrosse Combine events, training my athletes (or BIPs as we’re referred to, Beast In Progress), team and program performance testing, assessment, and education.  

I played Division I lacrosse at Robert Morris University before transferring to play at Eastern Connecticut State University where I was able to design my own major studying exercise science, sports performance, nutrition, and biochemistry.  I have worked with athletes of all levels from middle school through the professional level providing their strength and conditioning and nutrition.  I am also a mentor to them and help them navigate through tough times like this whole Covid experience and help them bounce back from injuries both physically and mentally.  Which leads me to my story… 



Mental health needs to be more of a priority in people's lives, especially those suffering from depression, chronic pain, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts and tendencies.  As a former DI/DIII collegiate lacrosse athlete that has suffered from ALL of these, I wanted to share my story.  I know in doing so I can help other athletes and individuals of all ages and backgrounds, especially those suffering from depression or dealing with injury.  

Below is a video of my first time ever sharing my story.  Sharing my story honestly helped me a lot and I hope this can help others going through tough times as well.  

It's okay to not be okay.  Just know you are Never Alone, so Let's Feel Good together!



My dog Lexi, she’s a Giant Schnauzer, has been a huge part of my life and as I mentioned in my story above, one of my greatest motivations to keep fighting!  She’s always there to put a smile on my face and cheer me up, especially when I’m feeling down or going through a tough time.  

I actually filed for Let’s Feel Good to become a business on her birthday so that she can furever live on through the work we do here at LFG helping others the way she’s helped me!  We have also started the Lexi Grant in her honor to help people find the special connection that I found in Lexi!